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Not necessarily, although lighter colours show wear less visibly and require less frequent maintenance. All Staron® Solid Surface colours will provide many years of dependable service.
Note: Consult with a sales associate or fabricator to choose a Staron® or Tempest colour that is best suited for your particular project. Like most materials, dark colours, and especially dark colours with high gloss finish will potentially show scratches or abrasion marks. Therefore, it’s best to keep in mind that a dark surface colour and a high gloss finish generally require additional care and maintenance. However, if scratches occur over time, the surface can easily be resanded and refinished. Refinishing must be performed by a recommended and experienced solid surfaces fabricator/installer and, will charge his service at the standard hourly service rate.

Just wipe using mild dish‐soap and water. Follow with an ammonia‐based product, such as glass cleaner, for a streak‐free shine. Visit the Care and Maintenance section for additional information.

Yes, Staron® Solid Surfaces are inherently non-porous, with smooth, impenetrable seams. Unlike other surfaces such as laminate, tile and granite, Staron® Solid Surfaces have no grout lines or ridges to trap dirt and germs. This exceptionally smooth surface makes Staron® surfaces easy to clean. Staron® Solid Surfaces can be fabricated as one continuous surface to further reduce areas for bacteria to grow.

Scratches and cuts can be buffed away with a light duty scrubbing pad and a mild abrasive cleanser. Visit the Care and Maintenance section for additional information.

No, Staron® Solid Surfaces are homogenous, meaning the colour and material are consistent throughout. That's why repairing scratches is so easy and with proper care, it will look new.

There are several edge treatments that you can incorporate with your work top design. You can refer to the “Design Option > Edge treatment” section of this site. If you don't see the edge treatment you have in mind, talk to your local builder or fabricator. In addition to edge treatments, colour inlays can be incorporated as well as special features such as heat rails next to hobs for hot items and routed drainage channels leading to the sink.

With proper care and maintenance, your Staron® Solid Surfaces work tops will last for many years. Staron® Solid Surfaces are considered as renewable materials and can be refinished to look new, and are backed by a 10‐year limited warranty.

Staron® Solid Surfaces can be finished in your choice of matte, semi‐gloss and high‐gloss finishes. Consult with a sales associate or fabricator to choose a finish option that is best suited for your particular project.

Cutting directly on any work top surface is not recommended. We recommend always using a cutting board. Fortunately, Staron® Surfaces can be easily repaired if a surface nick or scratch should occur.

Yes. Since Staron® Solid Surfaces are non-porous, germs and bacteria have nowhere to accumulate. In fact, Staron® Solid Surfaces are one of the few surfaces approved for food preparation areas in restaurants. Before preparing a meal, always make sure that the surface is clean. Do not allow other food to come into contact with a surface where raw meats have been placed until the surface is thoroughly sanitised, preferably with a weak bleach solution. After sanitising, immediately rinse and clean the surface with water ‐ leaving food residue on the surface to air dry can result in a stubborn stain.