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Why Staron?

Staron, the premium solid surface

Staron Solid Surfaces, an acrylic-based material made of natural minerals, offer the durability of stone and the flexibility of hardwood. Various colours and natural textures can be processed in curved, seamless shapes, allowing architects and designers maximal freedom. Combining a stunning appearance with outstanding practical qualities, Staron surfaces present a modern, refined finish that will enhance any setting. Staron is your design solution.


Reliable Management

  • Excellent product management by professionals
  • 10-year warranty that assures its quality
  • Stable product, certified in various fields including SCS eco-friendly certification


  • About 150 kinds of various colours from natural patterns to vivid colours
  • Colour consulted with world's famous colour trend professionals

Great Sanitation

  • Easy maintenance
  • Non-porous material suppresses moulds and germs
  • Chemical resistance

Various designs

  • Able to maximise light effects by controlling thickness and transparency
  • Able to express designers' ideas with free workability on its curved surface

Outstanding product quality

  • Can be processed in 3D with more accuracy
  • Light but durable to scratches and high impacts
  • Smooth, seamless workability

Global Network

  • 6 offices on each continent with around 180 distribution networks
  • Cooperation with world-famous global partners


Make an impression
with a new standard of design