Design Idea

2016 Supreme™ collection 관련 예시


Staron’s new pattern SUPREME captures nature’s rhythmic melody in
its re-interpreted trendy Contemporary Design.
The Solid Surface is an eco-friendly material that is harmless to humans and
Staron SUPREME’s versatile processing possibilities allows one to design a
truly individualized space.

Extending the patterns and
forms nature offers.


Showing true appreciation for the natural
world and how it reveals itself.


We connect with our world and respond
with a sustainable approach.

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New Staron

Inspired By The Natural World

Experience the serenity of nature’s undercurrents


Delphi / VD111

Like the ancient city of Delphi,
this color expresses the power and spirit found in white hues.
It has the ability to infuse or transform
any space with its sophistication and grace.


Cloudbank / VC118

This gray color combines the flux
and depth of cloud cover and
the stability of city foundations.
Its soft patterns and cool colors create
a soothing environment.

Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge / VN144

Echoing the forms found in natural stone,
this color combines tone-on-tone colors and patterns in a gentle embrace
to create a safe and warm space.


Magnolia / VM143

Like spring’s white blooms,
Magnolia brightens, freshens and
invigorates interior design
to create spaces that come to life.

Warm And Earthy Tones

Colors that refresh


Dawn / VD126

A reinterpretation of grays that bring to mind the first hints of soft light in a slowly brightening morning sky.
The result offers a solution in the design and creation of a serene modern space.


Dandelion / VD175

Comprised of warm earth tones
and organic patterns from nature’s palette,
this color creates an inviting
nature-friendly atmosphere
that is both leisurely and refined.


Pastoral / VP177

Evoking the elements of a quiet countryside,
the Pastoral color draws upon shapes in a distant landscape with minimized hues that expresses simplicity.


Loam / VL155

The rich, deep brown of this color
expresses a luxurious calm feeling.
The earth tones of Loam are ideal
for creating peaceful spaces.

Inspired By The Infinite

Colors and patterns that draw on the mystery and depth of distant horizons.

Ocean View

Ocean View / VO171

Consider the infinite patterns created when the waves break on the shores of a white beach
and the sea foam disperses onto the sand.
The placid mood it creates became the ideal inspiration for a color often used in bathroom spaces and wall cladding.


Presto / VP159

The dark night sky with scattered, windswept clouds and moon-lit waves all create a sense of mystery and wonder. The color Presto with its black, blue and green shades draw on that sensation, creating an ideal surface for distinguished spaces.