Design Idea

Radianz® Urban Series

01. Urban Outlook

Urban / Powerful & Essential / Cosmopolitan

Inspired by the sights, sounds and energy of a vibrant
metropolitan environment, the Urban Habitat colors offer modern,
refined colors that enhance any home or commercial setting.
Each color provides the basis for a contemporary,
cosmopolitan design.

  • Sierra Bedrock SB744
  • Elbrus Boulder EB866
  • Napoli Beige NB278
  • Eiger Slope ES355
  • Ashford Fog AS955
  • Aster AF953

02. From Concrete

Urban / Modern / Simplicity / Neutral

The particulate patterns, textures and visual effects of this series of colors
create the gritty, substantial and sturdy look of
mortar, stucco or natural sandstone. The colors help any design
achieve a minimalist, natural foundation that anchors a room and
is complementary with nearly any color palette.

  • Olympus Peak OP733
  • Columbia Gray CG910
  • Whitney Gray WG722
  • Shasta Brown SA497
  • Himalaya Ridge HR755
  • Ural Gray UG950