Design Idea

Noble collection

Inspired By
Semi-Precious Stones

Radianz® Quartz Noble Collection is a premium surfacing solution for the ultimate in under-stated luxury.

A Modern and Luxurious Application

Accented with an array of metallic, pearlescent and translucent particles within a modern color matrix, Radianz® delivers an enriched standard of brilliance to any space

Noble Collection : Reborn

Venetian Bronze

Venetian Bronze / VB450

With fiery flecks of brown, gold, auburn and cinnamon, Venetian Bronze adds a new dimension of luxury to any interior space.

Whistler Mocha Gray

Whistler Mocha Gray / WM610

From restaurant interiors to corporate offices, Whistler Mocha Gray is a smart choice for countertops, furniture and wall cladding. Its dark gray base with a light, web-like overlay makes this color the perfect background for heavy-use applications and the ideal complement to a cool color palette.

Noble Collection

Imperial Gray

Imperial Gray  /  IG910

Imperial Gray’s gold flecks in a stone-like matrix add sophistication and variation to any interior space.

Gold Canyon Gray

Gold Canyon Gray  /  GC950

Combining a classic gray base with a touch of rich bronze specks, Gold Canyon Gray embellishes can create a bold focal point.

Midnight Sapphire

Midnight Sapphire  /  MS980

The exquisite color of Midnight Sapphire combines celestial
blue tones and metallic silver flecks to accentuate a bold,
striking elegance to any installation.

Saltoro Cliff

Saltoro Cliff  /  SC235

Saltoro Cliff is a mélange of serene beige and bronze speckles.
The contrast of two tones empower designers to accessorize the rest of the space
with diversified color and style.

Mariposa Buff

Mariposa Buff  /  MU410

Mariposa Buff depicts a neutral beige color added with bronze flecks,
integrating an extra layer of depth and nuance to any interior space.

Mirama Bronze

Mirama Bronze  /  MI780

The deep rich base of Mirama Bronze is embedded with a touch of bronze.
When combined with tones of black or brown,
the elegance of Mirama Bronze will take charge and unify the setting.

Ferio Black

Ferio Black  /  FB991

Inspired by the cosmos in the dark skies above the Ferio Desert,
the profound dark base and bronze fragments bring the energy
and serenity of a blazing midnight sky to your kitchen design.